Exclusive beach, ocean front bar, breakfast & lunch on the beach or in private cabana


Daily from 7.00 AM
Also open for dinner


Baoase Luxury Resort
Winterswijkstraat 2
Tel. 461 1779 • Fax. 461 2799

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Baoase Beach Club


The private beach of Baoase Luxury Resort offers much more than swaying palm trees, a white sandy beach and azure blue waters.
With an exclusive day pass, a beach bed, a bottle of water, beach towels, a beach bite, a fruit salad and services of a beach butler are included. Don’t hesitate to ask the beach butler to assist you in reserving a table for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant. A limited amount of guests are admitted per day, therefore we do advise you to make your reservations in time.

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